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Aruba vs Cisco CLI Reference Guide

by Behrad

After a couple of years of working with Cisco you kinda know your way around the commands but with Aruba…. Hmmm.. Some things are indeed different!

At work we’re in a transitions phase of moving all of our switches from Cisco to Aruba. This will for sure have a huge impact on my workload and will keep me off the streets! 😉

To make it a bit more fun; The most recent Aruba devices comes with ArubaOS-CX which differs compared with ArubaOS. So imagine a situation that you have to manage all three of them and all the fun you can have! 😉

Luckily the guys & girls from HPE also realized that and that’s why they came up with a complete CLI reference for us.

Aruba designed this CLI Reference Guide to help Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners and customers who:
– Manage multi-vendor networks that include HPE/Aruba and Cisco core and aggregation switches
– Have experience deploying Cisco switches and are now deploying HPE/Aruba switches

This guide compares many of the common commands in the three switch operating systems and makes life a bit easier. So this is a very handy document and prevents you from going nuts! 😉

The 143 page long guide can be downloaded from HPE but in case they change the URL, feel free to grab a copy here.

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