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Microsoft AZ-104 Learning: Getting Back On Track…

by Behrad

Back in October I followed a 4 day course of Azure Administrator provided by Microsoft. As I wrote in my post called “Microsoft AZ-104: Azure Administrator Training” the training was fun and a lot of information needed to be absorbed.

The original plan was to quickly go through the AZ-104 e-book once more to grasp everything before doing the exam. I also had set-up the exam date at the end of December last year. However sometime things doesn’t go entirely as you plan.

November and December were pretty crazy and hectic months so I basically didn’t had any time to learn. The spare times that I had, I spend on writing some posts and basically other tasks which didn’t require too much of a focus since, well, yeah, I felt exhausted.

Since I really want to pass the exam in one go, I have rescheduled the exam and this time I’ve planed it at the end of February. The new plan is to spend at least some time per weekend on the AZ-104 course again without any pressure.

What I’m trying to say here is: Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not too late to get back on track! Take your time and think about yourself!

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