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MTPuTTY: Tabbed GUI Interface for PuTTY

by Behrad

I’m sure that you have heard of Putty at least once. PuTTY is a SSH & Telnet for Windows and Unix platforms. A tool which I use at work on a daily base to connect and manage our network devices.

Since I’m using this tool on a daily base and often end up having multiple sessions open, I was looking at multiple PuTTY windows on my desktop. I never liked the fact that I couldn’t put all of my open sessions into one screen using tabs and this is where MTPutty comes in!

MTPuTTY: Multi Tabbed PuTTY

As the name almost gives it a way; MTPuTTY (MultiTabPuTTY) is a free GUI interface which wraps around PuTTY and enables you to have multiple active session open in simply one window but now tabbed. No more clutter in your taskbar.

MTPuTTY: How To Install and Use?

As mentioned this is just a GUI interface around PuTTY so you would still need to have PuTTY installed. For now I’ll assume that you have it on your laptop already. If not you can download PuTTY here.

You could either download the standard installation package of MTPuTTY or go for the portable option. I use the portable version but the basic remains the same; You’re asked to provide the directory where PuTTY is located so MTPuTTY can do its magic.

Since I previously had saved all of my PuTTY session where loaded in MYPuTTY and I could start using it by selecting the device in the left and open it.

Off course you’re free to peak through the different options and get yourself familiar with the client. Personally I didn’t change anything other then setting my own Hot Keys for Next & Previous tab in MTPuTTY for easier usage.

So in case that you also have multiple actie SSH sessions open and hate the clutter, just give MTPuTTY a try.

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