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Scammers…. Be Aware Of Them…

by Behrad

Having a website / blog with a contact form is fun! Lot’s of fun! Why? Ok, let me explain….

The reason is simple! You get to laugh a lot since you’ll constantly receive emails from all of these scammers who are trying to get you to do something; Clicking on a link, providing them some information to them etc in order to scam you and steal your money!

One of the latest emails which I got was from someone called Richard Wahl. As it seems this guy has won 533 US dollars in a jackpot and is now giving it away as “relief to a few people through a random selection of web addresses”. Oh yeah, right! 😉 Well, I’m not falling for this one as this smells like scamming from miles away!

Hello dear,
Hope this email finds you well.
This is a very big news and a special message to you.
I am the winner of 533-Million, in the Mega Millions Jackpot. Due to the current pandemic, I\'ve decided to join other world philanthropists to do what is within my capacity to bring relief to a few people and their local community, globally, through a random selection of web addresses by my financial team.
Your website has surfaced as one of the lucky recipients of this selection and with a heart of warm benevolence, I wish you a big congratulation.
Here is your donation code: RFECD00092022FP
When replying to this email, please ensure you state your donation code for verification by my financial team.
More details are on my YouTube channel.
WATCH ME HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tne02ExNDrw
Contact WhatsApp: +1 (239) 788-2548
contact the finance team by email only when you don't have WhatsApp: globalrelief.richardwahl.rfecd42022@financier.com
Congratulations once again!
Kind regards,
Richard Wahl.

Just for the sake of this post, I started searching online and as it seems, Richard Wahl is a real person and has indeed won 533 US dollars in a jackpot in 2018, lucky you! Due to this a lot of scammers are impersonating him and trying to scam people.

During my search I also came across this article where a US news station shows and speaks to different people who actually fell into the trap of this scammers. They were asked to either pay the taxes fee or send an Amazon gift card or any other tasks which involved the victim paying money. If the tasks were done, only then he could transfer the money. Yeah right! If you would do this, then your money is gone and you’ll never ever see anything back in return. (Yes, only regrets of doing so!)

Why would you trap in this scam? I mean why on earth would someone, who doesn’t even know you, would be willing to give you thousands of dollars just like that? If you ever would get such an email or message, simple delete it!

Bottom line is;
Scammers have a lot of different ways of approaching the victims. There are a lot of scammers active! So always be careful with the emails, phone calls and messages which you get and ALWAYS be as suspicious as possible. And remember: If anything sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

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